Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB provides carefully designed and tested tools and features to help you work with Cosmos DB smarter and faster.

Full Data Visibility

  • Connect to Cosmos DB accounts, databases, and containers
  • Query and page through Cosmos DB containers  show me how
  • Use Table, Tree, and JSON View to explore your Cosmos DB
  • Discover field frequencies and data type distributions in your documents and containers  show me how

Ensuring consistent team coding standards as your team grows is hard. With full statistical analysis of all your data types and field names, mistakes and inconsistencies are immediately visible.
New starters on your team get up to speed in minutes instead of days.

Live Data Editing

  • Edit your data everywhere in-place with just one double-click  show me how
  • Easily add new fields or update existing ones  show me how
  • Simple editing and deleting for single or multiple documents

Querying Data

  • Support for Cosmos DB SQL API
  • Full CRUD support (Create, Read, Update and Delete)
  • Page-through your result sets, with intelligent data caching
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Smart auto-completion of advanced SQL queries (in development)

Import Data

This feature is currently in development

  • Import from JSON and CSV files
  • Pre-import data preview
  • Monitor import progress with real-time cancellation option
  • Copy-and-paste containers across accounts and databases

We will soon be adding support for other data import sources, both offline and online.

Export Data

This feature is currently in development

  • JSON and CSV options for exportingcontainers and databases​
  • Pre-export data preview​
  • Monitor export progress with real-time cancellation option​

We will soon be adding support for other data import sources, both offline and online.

Professional Interface

  • Full hotkey support
  • Theme support with optional dark mode
  • See containers and documents side-by-side

DevOps Ready & Cloud Native Solution

  • Connects to your Cosmos DB seamlessly within the Microsoft Azure network at full speed
  • Connect to all your Cosmos DB accounts from one GUI
  • Long-running operations can execute with computer turned off (currently in test)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for task automation (in design)
  • Run schema analysis faster than on a local instance (in design)

As a cloud-native application we will enable offline operations and allow you to schedule jobs to be executed while you’re away from your computer. These operations will include long-running imports, exports and migrations and also the ability to run full schema analysis of your containers and databases. This feature set is currently in the design phase.

A Command Line Interface (CLI) will offer Cosmos DB job configuration, scheduling, and querying for DevOps task automation. This feature is currently in the design phase.

What Are the Future Plans for Alpaqa Studio?

The Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB roadmap will deliver robust productivity tools and
features to save your team time and money when working with Cosmos DB.

Discover And Optimize Performance Bottlenecks

This feature is currently in design

  • Analyze and understand query performance issues​
  • Discover hot partitions and slow queries​
  • Monitor performance of your Cosmos DB​
  • Optimize Request Unit (RU) costs of your Cosmos DB queries​

Full Support For Data Exploration And Management

This feature is currently in design

  • Explore and understand the structure of your Cosmos DB
  • Fine-tune every detail of your data model
  • Inspect the overall structure and individual properties and their values

Get Your Data In And Out at a Click

This feature is currently in development

  • Easily import and export your data
  • JSON, CSV, Excel, SQL and more
  • Immediate and scheduled periodic tasks

Easy Data Migration

This feature is currently in development

  • Moving data between Cosmos DB containers?​
  • Moving data between database systems?​
  • Alpaqa Studio will guide you during the setup, provide a meaningful preview, and simply perform the migration for you, even with your computer turned off.​

The Future is Up to You

The above list is a broad-brush view of our roadmap plans. New key features will come from you, the user. Join Alpaqa Studio for Cosmos DB and with your feedback and feature suggestions, you can be a key part of delivering a world-class visual environment for controlling your own Cosmos DB.

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